TNG Sales, LLC

Electrical Manufacturers' Representatives

Who We Represent:

For information on having TNG Sales, LLC represent your product line, please contact us or call (919)218-0286. TNG Sales, LLC is proud to represent the following companies:

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Product Line:  Aluminum SER, SEU, XHHW, 600 Volt UD, Overhead, ACSR, Airport Lighting, Portable Cord, Type W, G, G-GC, SHD-GC, DLO, Welding Cable, MC Cable, Category Cables (3, 5E, 6), Coaxial Cables, Electronics Cables, Ground Rods and Accessories

Freight Terms:  Combination Program and/or Product Specific Terms

Minimum Order:  None

Territory:  North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia

Product Line:    600 Volt Type XHHW-2, 600 Volt Type RHH/RHW-2/USE-2, 5kV/8kV Nonshielded EPR MV-90 Power, 5-35kV EPR MV-105 Power,  5-46kV TRXLPE DOUBLESEAL, 5 kV Nonshielded Airport Lighting Cable, 600 Volt SUPERFLEX XLP, 600 Volt Multiconductor TECK90, 1kV Multiconductor TECK90, 5kV Nonshielded XLPE TECK90 Armortek, 5-46kV TRXLPE Armortek, 600 Volt 3/C Air Bag, 600 Volt 3/C AIRGUARD, 5-35kV 3/C Air Bag UL Type MV-105, 5-35kV  3/C AIRGUARD UL Type MV-105

Freight Terms:  10,000 pounds freight prepaid.

Territory:  North Carolina, South Carolina

Product Line:  Multi-Strand Cable Cutters, Coaxial Cable Cutters, Pliers and other Specialty Hand Tools, Semi Recessed Exterior Enclosures, Interior Enclosures, Surface Mount Enclosures, Structured Wiring Cabinets and Mud Rings.

Freight Terms:  Please Call Us

Minimum Order:  Please Call Us

Territory:  North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia